TRANSIT Competitions

TRANSIT challenges, competitions and awards are open in Malta! We’re thrilled to introduce the TRANSIT project competitions, aimed at fostering innovation, sustainability, and community engagement within the realms of renewable energy. Our competitions are held in Malta, United Kingdom, North Macedonia, Croatia, Spain, Montenegro, Serbia, and Cyprus and cover three exciting categories: Best MSc Thesis […]

Empowering Beekeepers and Citizens Alike: The BeePOLL Project’s Innovative Strides   The Oriental Hornet (bagħal taż-żunżan) continues to pose challenges for beekeepers, but a groundbreaking solution is now putting the power of technology and citizen engagement to work. Individuals can now step into the role of citizen scientists, promptly reporting hornet sightings and nest locations, […]

Dr Ing. Brian Azzopardi invited speaker at Tiny Teens event organised by Esplora at the Birkirkara Primary School St. Theresa College.   “Exploring the Engineering Profession” was led by Dr Ing. Azzopardi, founding chair of The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta and Senior Lecturer II at The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology […]