BeePOLL Project

Bees are more than just cute insects – it’s an economic powerhouse that plays a crucial role in our food supply. In fact, the economic value of pollination worldwide is estimated to be at least €153 billion, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In Malta alone, the value of pollination is estimated to be €8 million yearly, highlighting the significant impact that bees have on our economy.

Despite their vital role, bees are facing a range of thr eats, from climate change and habitat destruction to pesticide use. These pressures are taking a toll on bee populations, and this could have devastating consequences for o ur food security.

To study these trends and find solutions, the team behind the Beepoll project is using cutting-edge technology like remote sensing techniques on medium to high-resolution satellite images, coupled with 2D neural networks.

The ultimate goal of the project is to provide tools that can help identify the best locations for translocating honeybees for crop pollination in Malta. This innovative approach has the potential to make a real difference in bee conservation and food security.

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