TRANSIT challenges, competitions and awards are open in Malta!

We’re thrilled to introduce the TRANSIT project competitions, aimed at fostering innovation, sustainability, and community engagement within the realms of renewable energy. Our competitions are held in Malta, United Kingdom, North Macedonia, Croatia, Spain, Montenegro, Serbia, and Cyprus and cover three exciting categories:

  • Best MSc Thesis in Renewable Energy & Sustainability;
  • Industry & Trade Association Best Practices in Renewable Energy;
  • Best Children’s Drawing on Renewables.
The participants competing for award should send their application form and the work to by 10th April 2024. The winner will be announced in June 2024. Find more details below👇.
💡 This initiative, funded under the Horizon Europe program, is dedicated to providing training and reskilling programs for current and future generations. Refer to the project’s website for more information, here.  

🏆 Details of the competitions 🏆

1. Industry & Trade Association Achievement Awards 🏭

Calling all industry and trade associations pioneering in renewable energy deployment! If your organization has been at the forefront of the transition towards sustainable practices, this competition is for you. Participants are invited to showcase their achievements over the last 12 months, emphasizing deployment of renewable energy, upskilling initiatives, and community support. The judging criteria include quantity of work, impact on end users, and gender equality. National winners will receive the prestigious TRANSIT trophy and stand a chance to compete internationally.

📝 Apply Here: Industry & Trade Association Application Form

2. Children’s Drawing Competition 🎨

Engaging young minds in sustainability! Primary schools are invited to participate in a drawing competition where children aged 7-11 can express their vision of renewable energy through art. We’re looking for drawings that creatively depict solar, wind, tidal energy, or any other sustainable source. National winners will receive the TRANSIT trophy, a monetary prize of 300 EUR for the institution, and a special token for the talented artist. The best drawing from each nation will compete for the international title.

📝 Apply Here: Children’s Drawing Application Form

Parent/Guardian consent form for the best drawing competition 

3. Best MSc Thesis in Renewable Energy & Sustainability 🎓

Calling all graduate students! If you’ve recently completed an MSc thesis focusing on renewable energy or sustainability, this competition is your chance to shine. Present your innovative and realistic solutions to identified issues in the field. Judging criteria include innovation, impact, and support from relevant entities. National winners will be awarded the TRANSIT trophy, a monetary prize of 1000 EUR, and the opportunity to compete internationally for further recognition and a larger prize.

📝 Apply Here: MSc Thesis Application Form

Please, share this information with any colleagues that you might think are interested.   


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