PROMISE is a 3 year research and innovation project funded by the European Commission through a Twinning action (HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ACCESS-03), as part of the Widening Participation and Spreading Excellence objective under Horizon Europe.

Malta has the highest solar irradiance of all EU Member States, with 1,829kWh/sqm per year; but only 9.6% of its electricity is supplied by PV power. PROMISE aims to sustain the scientific, engineering and research performance and innovation capacity of the Maltese Research Community on solar photovoltaics to prepare for the potential penetration increase of PV in Malta and to support the energy transition. The project is organised around:

A research framework featuring a Malta-based platform to study of existing and emerging PV modules and systems, including digitalisation aspects for prediction and optimisation algorithms.

A knowledge gain and transfer framework including capacity building activities, workshops, schools, training programmes, internships, mentoring, etc.

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