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Sustainable Living

FiR develops and implements Sustainable Living solutions together with local and international partners from industry, community living, business and research to address the challenge of changing demands and needs of humans.


By 2050 Demographic Change will present serious challenges.  This is driven by population growth and decline in different countries, combined with an ageing global population while the working population decline.  These challenges may only be accelerated through the digital economy together with immigration, late retirement and productivity gains.

Sustainable Living solutions enable us to live healthier, more active, and safer everyday life. Several researchers at FiR contribute to this future complexity in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary holistic approach.


Behaviour Pattern Recognition (BPR) is a form of profiling human activity patterns in everyday life using many integrated sensors in a living environment. The technique uses big data analytics, machine-learning algorithms and models.

Open platforms and user interfaces are developed and implemented to the individualised required interaction while interfacing multiple sensors, devices, components and services while providing active participation in design and replicability.