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Opportunities for Researchers is the home to Maltese-based innovators and researchers.
Excellent opportunities for local and international early-career and advanced researchers.


The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta ( is Malta’s first and sole research and knowledge dissemination organisation, also known as Research and Technology Organisation (RTO). This makes the organisation a formidable project partner and Malta’s most suitable scientific employer. Following a defined approach, solutions for real-world challenges and regional Mediterranean specificities, notably in decarbonisation, digitalisation, disintermediation and decentralisation (4Ds), are created with partners. Hence this work has a large influence on socially significant concerns of the future. Bright and creative teams have access to first-class resources and a vast international network of the research community. offers excellent opportunities for local and international early-career and advanced researchers. These opportunities are outlined in the “Charter for Researchers”. No one can afford to underuse the talent pool or have a local brain drain. Gender and diversity, as well as increasing female participation and minority groups, is a priority while we try to activate brain gain! The Research Management and Administration Quality Management System ensure its execution.

In addition to specific and tailor-made training, mentoring and networking programmes, is well-networked with the academic sector to offer co-supervision for Masters (Level 7) and Doctorate (Level 8) to its researchers in both the local and international arena.

Here is “Charter for Researchers” with all the important information to understand how you may become part of our Maltese-based research community.